08 - Unity Project Samples

Project files are available for download in multiple file formats.
  • Full Unity projects, which can be opened in the Unity game engine. Please note that the fisheye camera rig and some other features require Unity Pro.
  • Compiled apps, for both OS X and Windows. Performance of these apps, including framerate, may be limited by your computer processor or its graphics card. Try a lower quality setting (available in the splash screen) if you have any problems running these apps.
  • Webplayer versions. These will run in a browser, but if you do not have the Unity webplayer plug-in, you will be prompted for it.
All of the project file examples have been updated to run in Unity 3.5. Some of the samples are free-running animations. Others allow navigation through the 3D environment, using typical game controls of the WASD keys and the direction arrows. A mouselook feature may also be employed, allowing the viewer to look around and tilt up and down in the space.

The "History Jam" scene is an experiment based on our original goal for this project - to create an historical narrative based on the history of the site of the new Girls Club. This was a shipbuilding center when the first houses were built on the filled-in marsh nearby, and the Flying Cloud clipper ship reflects that. Later, the Civil War ironclad Monitor was built at foundries on both the Manhattan and Brooklyn banks of the East River. The Williamsburg Bridge now dominates the waterfront. Finally, the Maya temple from Palenque reflects our long term interest in Maya culture and our sister girls club in Chiapas, Mexico. The clipper ship was purchased on The 3D Studio website, saving us enormous time modeling the ship. Old New York buildings on te waterfront are purchases from the Unity Asset Store. For that reason we can't share the  Unity project file. The Maya temple, Monitor ironclad, and Williamsburg bridge can be found in the Google 3D Warehouse.

The "Women Who Change the World" samples are recreations of a real life mural project, painted by local women artists on the tenement walls of a community garden. 

Version 1 of the mural samples includes an animated girl figure, acquired from Mixamo, which can be navigated through the scene using WASD keys, and the mouse to orbit around the figure.

Versions 2 and 3 are a simplified approach, designed as a virtual gallery tool for other producers to use with their own murals or posters. They use an iTween-based camera tracking system to move the viewer from mural to mural. 

The last fireworks sample is a study of a new Unity feature (the Shuriken particle system) and a celebration of the potential for creating inspiring work in the dome.


Studies and Experiments

New York Waterfront Tests

Fireworks - new Unity Particle System