10 - Outreach

Our primary goals during this start-up period were to build the mini-dome, develop workflows, and work with students in after school classes. But we knew that the project results would be of interest to 3D graphic artists, game developers, and small dome operators. For outreach to these constituencies, we presented our work-in-progress to conference audiences, shared our work with Spitz, Inc. (dome and projection manufacturers, program producers), created this website, and began developing a network of interested researchers online, through Google Plus. For a repository of Unity project files, demos and apps (which can be large files) we chose Amazon S3. Links to sample Unity files can be found in the "Unity Project Samples" section.

Presentations were made to the UNITE10 conference of Unity game developers, in Montreal, October 2010, and MacWorld 2012, in San Francisco. As of this writing we are waiting to hear about speaking at the Games For Change conference at New York University.

Links to conference presentation materials and online resources created by this project appear below.